Get professional stump grinding in Greenville SC

Stump grinding service is our area of expertise at Robertson’s Tree Service. Our business was established 28 years ago, and we have been thriving ever since. We are a full-service tree service company providing a rainbow of methods to keep your land safe and free of infestations. We work within the area of Greenville SC, and we serve all surrounding communities. We focus on creating lasting business relationship with our customers and building our reputation as the most dependable company in Greenville SC. Our company provides also a stump services. As a leading tree cutting service, we provide all kind of tree services in the area, so do not hesitate to call us for stump removal, tree trimming or stump grinding service.

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When the trees are cut down or fall down due to storms or diseased root systems, they will have to be grinded or removed from the property. This statement is especially true when the tree stumps are located close to the house structure. Ailing trees harbor bacteria and pests. The stumps house termites and ants, which will quickly invade the house. Robertson’s Tree Service landscapers will grind or eliminate the residual stumps, treat the remaining roots with correct chemicals and refill the crater with fresh soil. We are affiliated, with the local pest control company, to assure that our efforts are successful. Our eventual goal is to keep your property safe. Robertson’s Tree Service also provides continuous monitoring and maintenance services at competitive prices.

In addition to stump grinding services, we also offer tree and branch trimming year round. We implement deep root fertilization and young tree planting. Lawn mowing, leaf disposal and snow plowing are always offered to both commercial and residential customers. We also provide yard waste elimination at regular intervals throughout the year. Robertson’s Tree Service provides constant service without any interruptions regardless of the weather. Our emergency team is dispatched immediately during times of crisis. If you need stump removal services, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Should you face any unforeseen circumstances, such as storm damages, contact us to help you deal with it and make your property safe. We closely work with local home insurance companies to ensure that the real estate owner doesn’t have to face any financial hardship. If the insurance provider doesn’t include tree or stump removal, we will present you with a variety of payment plan options to meet your budgetary needs. We are seriously involved with many community projects, and we are willing to contribute to worthy causes. If you face extensive damages, we can also provide referrals to local roofing and siding companies, who will be able to help you restore your property to its original state. Call us now on (864) 249-5611 to meet our friendly staff and schedule your stump grinding service today.

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